Community Engagement: Blossoms


Members of Fort Wayne Ballet Blossoms will be exposed to life-enhancing skills in an environment that is safe and fun, with girls who share the same interests and talents. The focus of Blossoms will be on healthy living, the art of etiquette and learning to "become" their best manners. The Blossoms will be given tools for building positive friendships, developing a sense of style, and building confidence that will shine from the inside-out. With every meeting, the Blossoms will gain knowledge that will benefit them throughout their lives. Each Blossom will create a scrapbook of her experiences throughout the year that will allow her to remember these experiences any time she wishes. They will also attend performances for each of the main stage productions (dates listed on the brochure). Enrollment is limited and open to girls ages 7-12.

2014-2015 Blossoms Enrollment is now open!

Meetings for 2014-2015 are:
September 6, November 1, January 10, February 7, and April 11.