The Academy of Fort Wayne Ballet: Pre-Ballet


Ten minutes with a child reveals an undisputable fact – kids like to move. With no concerns about tiring themselves too quickly or “over-training,” children are in perpetual motion and need only the slightest encouragement to add form and substance to their efforts. While still too young for the rigors of ballet, creative movement provides structure to their instinctive desire to dance and provides a new and exciting means of self-expression.

Nurturing Pathways® is an Early Childhood creative dance program for ages 3 years and younger, promoting healthy development and strong bonds between parent or guardian and child. The classes focus on movement, a child's first language, and enrich everything from motor coordination to music, language and social skills. The curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each stage of development from infancy through age three. All the classes involve dance explorations, musical instruments, rhyming exercises and sensory-rich props.

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Pre-Ballet Creative Classes (ages 4-6 years)
Once a child reaches the age of 4, the student enters into the pre-ballet, creative movement classes. These classes are designed to stimulate the body and mind of the student as they explore movement and develop their motor skills. At this level, these classes are seperated by age.

Fun'N'Dance - 4 year olds (Must turn 4 by Aug. 1st)
Creative I - 5 year olds (Must turn 5 by Aug. 1st)
Creative II - 6 year olds (Must turn 6 by Aug. 1st)

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